Retirees Planning to Challenge State's Pension Tax in Court

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the State of Michigan on behalf of retired public workers following the state's decision to extend the income tax to include pensions.

The lead plaintiff in the case is Thomas Okrie, a retired school teacher from Troy, Mich. who said promises were made in writing in official retirement guideline forms saying pensions could not be taxed.

However, the lawsuit says PA 38 which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder in 2011 broke that promise by treating pensions like any other income by taxing it.

Okrie, along with his attorney will be holding a press conference on the Capitol steps in Lansing this afternoon at 2pm.

WILX's Josh Sidorowicz will be at the press conference and will have more tonight on News 10 at 6.

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