Retailers Hiring for Holiday Season

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The crowds and madness of holiday shopping are not here yet, but some retailers are already getting ready.

"It's extremely important to the retailers. it can be 20% or more of their sales for the year. They have to be ready and they plan to be," said Tom Scott from the Michigan Retailers Association.

According to Scott, retailers around the country typically add about 500,000 seasonal workers to their payroll during the holiday rush. About 30,000 of those are expected to be in Michigan, which is good news to those who want to make some extra cash and be a part of the festivities.

"I'm a people person, I love to talk with people, so any people interaction is good for me," said Chelsi McMahan, a high school student interested in getting a part time retail job.

Typical store jobs for seasonal hires include unloading, stocking and running the cash registers.

"These are basic retail jobs and getting the products off the trucks and into the stores where consumers can buy them," Scott said.

On Tuesday, Kohl's Department Stores announced they anticipate hiring more than 52,700 associates nationwide for this holiday season, which is up more than 10% from last year.

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