Resident Complains about Dirty Public Housing

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Anita Smith-Harris moved into 3200 S. Washington in December. It's an apartment building managed by the Lansing Housing Commission. As posted in the front lobby, the LHC's mission is to deliver healthy, safe and quality housing options, but Smith-Harris says her experience is the complete opposite.

"I have come from living under a bridge to being able to be put in a women's shelter, I would do that again," said Smith-Harris.

Smith-Harris complained that incomplete flooring where tiles have been ripped off is a safety hazard for people in wheelchairs. She also pointed out some areas that were unclean and a trash room she says is attracting rodents.

"I feel that my health is in jeopardy, I feel that someone needs to do something."

News 10 went to the Lansing House Commission and the chair of the board of commissioners agreed to do a walk through.

"We're dealing with limited resources right now," said Chair Tony Baltimore.

Baltimore agrees cleanliness is an issue. He also said the board approved renovations for this building. Work is delayed due to federal budget cuts that slashed $900,000 from the Lansing Housing Commission. However, he says changes should be coming soon, including an upgraded breakroom.

"There are some issues we need to address here with our maintenance staff and we'll take a look at those as we go on and make sure that we're doing the best job in those areas that we saw today that just need a little love and attention," said Baltimore.

According to the executive director of LHC, the building has had mice and roach issues, but the problem has been resolved.

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