Rescue Mission Expansion to Nearly Double Capacity

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The Lansing City Rescue Mission is finishing up work on a major expansion of its men's shelter.

We got a first look Friday.

The additions include a work dorm, which requires men to volunteer at least 20 hours a week, and a community dorm for men who have jobs.

"Men have been asking about it for the past 10 months," said Executive Director Mark Criss. "Men want to give back, they want to contribute and I think it gives them self-worth, and they recognize that they have abilities and skills that they can utilize and so they're excited about contributing."

The shelter hopes to have this ready by winter. Once it's done, there will be room for 100 men, nearly 40 percent more than right now. It is expected to be full.

This is Criss' 10th anniversary at the mission.

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