Republicans Rally for Last Minute Votes

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With just one day before the November elections, campaigns were out if force in mid-Michigan.

On the republican side, the area saw bus tours, get out the vote events and factory visits.

Excitement and optimism would some up the mood among the GOP. Poll numbers vary, but some show the candidates in a dead heat in Michigan.

"It's a tight race, it's in the margin of error for Michigan and I'm hopping on a bus later today to do a couple more stops in Washtenaw County and Jackson," Governor Rick Snyder said.

Stumping for Romney and a no vote on prop six, Snyder spent Monday morning touring a Williamston manufacturer.

"There is no Michigan taxpayer money involved in this project at all," he said. "We have an agreement, Canada will build this bridge, pay for any over runs, pay for any issues and get repaid from tolls and that just makes it a fabulous opportunity for job creation in Michigan."

The governor says he's looking forward to a Romney win, so is Romney's son, Matt Romney.

He dropped by the Republican's Lansing victory center to urge volunteers to keep it up.

"This is coming to a close and we can't afford four more years like the last four we had," Matt Romney told the crowd.

Romney says he's involved because of his children. He wants them to grow up with opportunity and the jobs he believes his dad would create as president.

"If ever there was a time when we needed someone to get in and turn this country around and fix the economy it's right now," Romney said.

Matt Romney also touched on the debates, calling them an encouraging sign.

"People actually got to see who my dad is and they're getting to see more and more and the more they see him, the more they like him," he said.

GOP volunteers say they're seeing swing voter after swing voter moving to Romney and according to Matt Romney, that means victory.

"We're going to win Michigan too," he said.

Republicans rounded out the final day of campaigning with bus tour stops in Ann Arbor and Jackson.

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