Rep. Gary Peters to Run for Carl Levin's Seat

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Congressman Gary Peters, a democrat from Rochester, says he's ready to take his fight for Michigan to the next level- the US Senate.

On Thursday he kicked off his campaign in Lansing,, saying he's the right man to fill the seat being vacated by Carl Levin

"I believe you need to be in every community doing more listening than talking, and that after you've heard those voices go to Washington and be an aggressive advocate and a champion for middle class families in our state," said Peters.

Michigan democrats are behind him, adding that the congressman has a lot to live up to. Levin has served a record six terms in office.

"When he decided to retire I think a lot of us were wondering who could fill his shoes. when congressman peters stepped forward we were enthusiastic about his candidacy," said Sen.. Whitmer, the minority leader.

Peters has over a year to campaign the primary election is not until August of 2014. He is the first person to announce a bid for the seat. Now some are wondering who will challenge him. Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and Representative Justin Amash have expressed interest. But analysts say Congressman Mike Rogers could be the strongest candidate. He hasn't said if he will run.

"I think that would be a competitive race. Mike Rogers has a very good history in congress and as chairman of the and as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he holds a very important position and he has done a lot of national interviews," Bernie Porn, President of EPIC- MRA Survey.

Peters will spend the next few months trying to increase his visibility so he can stand up to whoever he faces.