Renovations Leave Bride Without Wedding Venue

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Kathryn Jenkins wants to focus on little details before her wedding, like buying her shoes and picking out party favors. Instead she's dealing with a big one.

"I thought it would be done I was assured that it would be done," said Jenkins, 23, who lives in East Lansing.

She's trying to find a new venue three weeks before her big day. In March Jenkins and her fiance booked the Turner Dodge House in Lansing for their ceremony and reception.

"It's just what we had in our mind and it was just so perfect," Jenkins said.

That's until construction they were told would be finished by the wedding, was just starting. The house is owned by the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department, who Jenkins says has not been much of a help.

"She said it wasn't going to be ready in time and that we could have it in the yard but we wouldn't be able to go inside," she added.

With handmade invitations already mailed and programs ready to go, it's a big disappointment.

"Everything that goes into it you're thinking about the venue and how it's going to look there," Jenkins added.

"If there was any kind of doubt that it wouldn't be done by our date they should have let us know," said the groom, Raymond Nethery.

The Turner Dodge house is currently being renovated for water damage that happened over the winter. Construction was scheduled to start in late July. The parks department says the situation is a big miscommunication.

"This was something that as soon as we knew that we had a problem we should have been informing them and we didn't do that," said Director of the Dept. of Parks and Recreation Brett Kaschinske.

Kaschinske says the department wants to work with the couple.

"To make sure that this day can be as special as it can be for these two individuals and their families," he added.

For now Jenkins and Nethery are just trying to find a new dream.

"How are we going to focus on all the little things and this, and its like the last thing you think of that's going to happen," Jenkins said.

The Turner Dodge House is giving the couple the deposit back. The couple is looking for a new venue for that's available for their date, August 30, and fits their budget.

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