Relentless Winter Weather Taking Toll on Mid-Michigan

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The last month or so, it seems Mid-Michigan has been rotating between 30-below wind chills and heavy snowstorms.

Even some winter lovers are starting to get sick of it.

"I'm thinking of moving to Hawaii and living in a box on the beach," said Steve McBride who was at Menards in Delta Township Friday trying to get his hands on a snow blower.

"You know what I'm awfully late to be looking for one," he said.

They're a hot commodity, with just one left on the shelf at Menards, while shovels and salt are going just as fast as they're stocked on the shelves.

"This has been a challenging winter for us here at the store," said Andrew Ward, general manager. "We've been doing everything we can to increase ordering and get products shipped to the store as quickly as we can."

But once you are able to dig yourself out this weekend, be sure to clear a path for workers who will be out on the roads regardless of the weather this Super Bowl Sunday.

"The customer is in charge and we do have to get them their food as fast as we can," said Heather Davidson, general manager at Sir Pizza in West Lansing.

Combine the snowy roads with an extra topping of Super Bowl weekend rush and things could get a bit saucy.

"It has made it a little tougher but we get through the best we can," Davidson said. "We've been through some issues with drivers getting stuck."

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