Recently Arrested Sex Offender Arrested For Spray Painting Swastikas

Pablo Espinoza was arraigned today on charges of Malicious Destruction of Property.

Lansing police officers arrested the 58-year-old Lansing resident on suspicion of damaging a property Saturday morning.

The suspect in question allegedly damaged a building on the 400 block of E. Grand River by spray painting a swastika on the property.

LPD Detectives and Officers were conducting under cover surveillance on the property in question this morning based on previous incidents of a spray painted swastika.

Saturday’s incident documents four total police reports and at least six times of which a swastika was spray painted on the business.

The LPD is investigating the matter as a hate crime.

Earlier this month, Espinoza was charged with loitering in a student safety zone and wearing a mask to commit a crime

Next court date is a Pre-trial Conference, set for 6/3/13 at 1330 in front of Judge Cherry.

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