Recent String of Accidents on I-94 Leaves Drivers Speculating, Hoping for Changes

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It's a situation that has become all too common on I-94 in Jackson County.

A fatal accident on Monday was just one of several traffic accidents that has happened on that same stretch of highway in recent weeks, with the most recent happening after traffic was backed up due to another accident near the Parma Road exit.

"I-94 is crazy because people are flying," said Graham Beach who lives in Parma.

Whether speed, construction, heavy semi-truck traffic, or too few lanes, the recent slew of accidents has left drivers living near the area to speculate what could be causing the problem.

"Every week it's something new and they're never just small," Beach said. "It's always something big: trucks and semis and more than one car."

Didar Singh who also lives in the area said he thinks it's a combination of too few lanes and heavy semi-truck traffic that's causing the problem.

"It's too tight and people go too fast," he said. "We need to expand the roads."

Monday's deadly accident left a car mangled after police say the driver, a 40-year-old woman from Chicago, didn't slow down for traffic that was already backed up because of another accident further west of the highway. When the woman failed to slow down she hit the rear corner of a semi-trailer and landed in a swamp.

The woman who died was the only one riding in her car at the time. The driver of the semi was not injured.

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