Reaction Swift to Supreme Court Health Care Decision

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Shortly after the United State Supreme Court announced that it was upholding the majority of the Affordable Health Care Act, reaction poured out.

The Michigan League for Human services issued a statement saying "We are ecstatic." According to MLHS Policy Director Karen Holcomb-Merrill, "This is great news for all Michiganders who are one accident, one tumor or one layoff away from health and financial disaster.."

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce described it as a "sad day for job providers and families who support health care policies based upon free market solutions."

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers said the decision made clear the need to "redouble our efforts to change leadership in the U.S. Senate and the Shite House to undo this burdensome Obama Health care tax that will punish those who cannot afford health insurance and is stifling job creation in America.

And a statement from Lansing's Sparrow Health System says it is "committed to quality of care, the Patient experience and affordability, and today's ruling provides additional certainty for those efforts. Sparrow will continue to implement reforms that best serve our Patients."

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