Raulie Casteel Terrorism Trial Goes To Jury

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HOWELL (WILX)-- After more than two weeks of testimony, including from the defendant himself; the fate of Raulie Casteel is now in a jury's hands.

They spent three hours deliberating Tuesday afternoon, and will be back at it Wednesday. But before they went behind closed doors, each side (defendant and prosecutor) had one last chance to sway the jury.

"The reason we're here is because the prosecutor has overcharged this case. They're calling Mr. Casteel a terrorist," said Douglas Mullkoff, Casteel's attorney.

He doesn't believe Raulie Casteel's a terrorist, but Mullkoff knows his client isn't innocent either.

"Raulie Casteel did something that is really bad. He did something really scary, really frightening, I'll give them (prosecution) that," said Mullkoff.

Casteel told the jury on Monday he had demons in his head, and thought the government was after him. Shooting at vehicles was his way on sending a message.

"He told you that he shot at those vehicles. Do you think he wanted to be mentally ill?"

Casteel might be mentally ill, but according to Judge Reader the jury will not be allowed to use it as an excuse to reduce any of the charges.
Prosecution agrees with the judges ruling, stating that Casteel's mental state doesn't change his actions.

"He didn't care if he hit a driver. He didn't care if he hit a child, or if he hit an infant with any of those bullets," said Gregory Townsend, asst. prosecuting attorney.

Casteel says he didn't intend to hurt anyone, but as prosecution pointed out he made sure he had easy access to the weapon.

"Where was it? It was loaded and laying by his foot. The evidence is overwhelming. Not only the terrorism, the assault to murder, but various other charges, shooting with unlawful intent," said Townsend.

Both sides agree on one thing, it was lucky law enforcement caught Casteel before someone was hurt or killed.

"We were all glad when it was over, including his family, including Raulie Casteel," said Mullkoff.

The jury asked for transcripts of Casteel's testimony as they deliberated Tuesday afternoon.
We'll let you know if they come back with a verdict Wednesday.

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