Raulie Casteel Terrorism Testimony Begins; Victims Speak Out

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HOWELL (WILX)--After a day and a half of jury selection, testimony for the Raulie Casteel trial has begun.

Victim after victim, they're telling their stories of how they were shot at by a man they didn't know.

"I started to cry hysterically. I could see right away was where the bullet was. I know that could have been me," said victim Jennifer Kupiec.

Thankful she survived, Kupiec is one of 23 people who were shot at while driving last year.

"I heard a bang. I instantly thought I blew a tire, and started to lose control," said victim Paul Gustafson.

"When I got in my car that morning the sensor said I had a low tire on the drivers side," said victim Crystal Meyer.

Prosecution is accusing Raulie Casteel of terrorism, specifically in the case of Kupiec where the bullet missed her by a millisecond.

"She doesn't know how he missed her. When he shot at her he was laughing," said Gregory Townsend, Asst. Prosecuting Attorney.

Defense isn't denying that Casteel shot at vehicles, but is saying that it wasn't his intent to terrorize.

"The eye on the prize is what's going on in Raulie Casteel's head," said Charles Groh, Casteel's attorney.

Casteel who supposedly suffers from a mental disorder, became delusional on the roads according to his Groh.

"They tailgate you and then they whip around you in the slow lane to pass you. That triggered the demons in his mind," said Groh.

The fact that no one was injured was not a coincidence according to Groh.

"He knows how to shoot. He's not 0-23 for nothing."

According to prosecution, it was more like sheer luck. They believe Casteel meant to kill.

"October 16th, 17th and 18th will be three days that will live forever."

The defense says we'll get to hear Casteel's side of the story when he testifies later during the trial.

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