Rash of Accidents Overnight

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Another messy morning across Mid-Michigan, which means the commute to work and school will be a slow one. When the wind picks up, it can be very hard to see.

It's a sight all too familiar. More than 15 slideoffs on 96 and 127, and that's just overnight.

"I accelerated a little bit, and my back end fishtailed, and before I could do anything...she was behind me, actually. I got clipped and spun out," said Andrew Brunner, who was in an accident Sunday.

Treated roads are quickly becoming slick again, as high winds blow the snow right back on.

"It is quite a determinate to us and it keeps us from getting into our subdivisions because we have to keep returning to our main roads after drifting," said Bill Conklin, with the Ingham County Road Commission

It's drifting that's creating white out conditions, making both highways and back roads dangerous.

"You salt things and you can make it worse. The salt doesn't work real well and the wind is just making things icy out there," said Joe Pulver, Clinton County Road Commission.

Police say slow down. Go slower than the speed limit on days like today.

The City of Lansing says they've been salting and plowing. Ingham County plans to send their fleet out as well. Unfortunately, though, salt won't work well today, so the roads will most likely stay slick.