Rally at the Capitol Demands Change to Family Court System

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About thirty people came together in front of the Capitol building today to voice their concerns with the family court system.

Several participants shared their conflicts with Child Protective Services, or CPS.

They're upset because they feel their children were unjustly taken from them or other family members.

"They're sad stories because the losers in these cases are the children. It's not about the mom, it's not about the dad, it's not about the grandparents. It's all about the kids and what's best for them," said Maria Melinn.

Melinn hosts the cable TV show Silent Voices. The show is another way these stories are shared.

"We're standing up for our kids and we're not gonna stop until we get 'em back. They don't deserve to be hurt, they don't deserve to be harmed," she continued.

Those who attended Sunday's rally are looking to change how cases are handled in what they believe is a corrupt family court system.

"We are trying to demand a reform in the court structure, so with that being said it has a lot to do with the funding. It's coming from federal money. This is tax dollar money, and so we're trying to raise awareness," said Alexandra Cervantes. She was one of the event's organizers.

Dennis Lawrence who produces Silent Voices agreed. "It's a big system to be changed. There's a lot of corruption in it. There's a lot of money that flows in it. My biggest change would be fair court hearings and the judges deciding based on the court hearings and allowing all evidence to be displayed in court."

The lobbyist group, Michigan for Parental Rights, says the government shouldn't be making decisions on how to raise children.

Supporters say a constitutional amendment is the only way to ensure that.

Not everyone agrees with the group. Some people reached out to us saying they feel the role of CPS and other government run agencies are necessary to protect children.