Rainy Weather Leads to Flooded Roads, Yards

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Several days of rainfall have left Mid-Michigan residents dealing with flooded yards, water-covered roads and sump pumps working round-the-clock.

Below is the updated list of Ingham County road closures due to flooding as of 12:30 p.m.:
Meridian Township

• Hagadorn Rd between Jolly Rd and Bennett Rd
• Hillcrest Ave between Seminole Dr and Okemos Rd
• Ottawa Dr between Nakoma Dr and Woodcraft Rd
• Okemos Rd between Central Park Dr and Haslett Rd (Gaylord C. Smith)

Aurelius Township
• Gale Rd between Plains Rd and Barnes Rd

Wheatfield Township
• Waldo Rd between Clark Rd and Burkley Rd

To be closed this afternoon due to flooding:

Leroy Township
• Linn Rd between Dietz Rd and Meech Rd

Locke Township
• Shaftsburg Rd between Bell Oak Rd and Sherwood Rd
• Bell Oak Rd between Shaftsburg Rd and Harris Rd

In Eaton County the following roads are closed due to water over the road:

• Otto Rd between Kinsel & McConnell
• Gates Rd between Saginaw & M-43
• Lamie Hwy between Shaytown & Bradley
• Mt Hope Hwy between Mulliken & Loucks
• Five Point Hwy between Maurer & Matthews
• Davis Hwy between Royston & M-100
• Ainger Rd between Vermontville Hwy & Lamie
• Royston Rd between Mt Hope & Davis
• Royston between Billwood & Davis
• Canal Rd between Rossman & Wilbur

We will try to keep you updated on any additional road closures throughout the day.

If you have pictures of flooding to share with us. Send them to viewerpics@wilx.com.