Rain Brings Slushy Roads, Flooded Basements

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She may have dodged a bullet with the ice storm, but Michelle Young says she was hit hard by the latest dose of winter weather.

First, she says, was snowed in for two days. Then, she didn't get mail for four. That included her monthly paycheck.

"I need that money," she said. "[The delay] means that my utilities don't get paid on time, it means that whatever late fees that accrue because of that I have to pay and I'm already on a fixed budget. It means maybe no food that day because that's where my groceries come out of."

And then Saturday rainwater flooded her basement.

"It's one thing after another," she said, adding she spent $300 on a pump to try to clear the water. "Hopefully it doesn't ruin our pool table or anything else that's down there."

The snow hasn't inconvenienced Brad Gunnison, but he says he sure didn't expect to still be shoveling a week after the last flake fell.

"I'm getting to the point where I don't even know where to put it," he said. "It's been a nightmare."

Plus, the rain has made the snow heavier, meaning it's tougher to shovel.

The rain even forced the City of Lansing's snow plows to make a rare second pass through neighborhood streets.

"We were able to get it down to that hard-packed the first time through, but when it began to thaw it all fluffed right back up again and the roads were very, very slushy," said Paul Dykema, assistant superintendent of management and operations. "People were having a terrible time getting to work, getting to their property, getting to their homes, so we decided that we had to do it again."

Crews also worked to clear water catch basins, so fresh rain would have someplace to go.

Dykema says more than two-thirds of neighborhood roads were done by the end of the afternoon. He hoped to have them all done by the end of the night as the city gets back toward normalcy -- garbage and other services should be back on track next week, he said.

Residents can help by keeping their cars off the streets and keeping their sidewalks shoveled.

Any concerns and service requests can be called in at: 517-483-4161.

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