Radical Ideas Revealed in Vision Charrette Presentation

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The stretch of Michigan Ave. and Grand River Ave. between the Capitol and Webberville was on the agenda as Victor Dover showed off transformations during his Work-in-Progress presentation, Tuesday, in East Lansing.

It was the last event in the week-long Michigan Ave./Grand River Ave. Vision Charrette.

"You'll see the ideas that came directly from the citizen planners and the hands-on, volunteer work," said Dover, part of the planning firm, Dover and Kohl. "Then, you'll see the work on the professional urban designers attempting to make many visions into one."

The series of meetings started, last Wednesday, when community members from Lansing to Webberville got together to give their ideas on how the 19-mile corridor should look. Designers from Dover and Kohl then turned into renderings.
It started simple, changing the section of Grand River in Williamston to something more walk-able and bike-able.
The closer to the Capitol building, the more radical the ideas get; adding mixed-use developments to the Best Buy parking lot in Meridian Township or completely altering the Frandor area.

"I think the township is very interested in accomplishing some of those things and I think part of the issue is starting with the easiest, the smallest and getting those things going," said Mark Kieselbach, Director of Community Planning and Development for Meridian Township.

So far, the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, which helped fund the charrette, approves of the ideas.

"Coordinating these areas, turning them into sort of mixed-use, mixed-housing areas is for the good of our community and I think it represents something radically different, but a really cool, new direction," said Brian McGrain, Ingham County Commissioner and Vice-Chair of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.

Another charrette is scheduled for October 24-30.

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