Race to the Michigan Supreme Court

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The race for three seats on the Michigan Supreme Court is competitive. Incumbent Republican Justices Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra banded with Republican candidate Judge Colleen O'Brien.

The three nominees are running as a team that advocates the 'rule of law,' that is, the idea that judges should strictly adhere to what the law is and not legislate from the bench.

"We need stability and predictability in our laws," said Judge O'Brien.

"No Republican or Democratic decision making but all people are treated exactly the same way in the court room," said Justice Markman.

However, the Michigan Democratic Party wants voters to cast their ballots for three different candidates -- Circuit Court Judge Connie Marie Kelley, District Court Judge Shelia Johnson and University of Michigan Law Professor Bridget Mary McCormack.

"[They] have spent their careers fighting on behalf of families and children and that's really one of the reasons they're running to try to make sure that we end abuse of particularly children," said Mark Brewer, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

This race is nonpartisan and there are two seats for an eight-year term and one seat for a partial two-year term.

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