Purse Snatching Caught on Tape

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New information this morning about a brazen purse snatching at a Meijer store in the Detroit suburb of Waterford that was caught on tape.

Police have identified a suspect and are looking for her to make an arrest.

Police say Deborah Lynn Simmons waited until the 90-year old victim's back was turned, and then she made off with her purse. When the victim finally turned around, her purse and cart were gone. The incident was caught on tape by Meijer security cameras.

A store employee helped the woman find the cart a few aisles over but her wallet, which had $1,200 in cash and several credit cards had been taken.

Police released this video to the media yesterday and received a slew of tips immediately helping them identify the suspect.

They searched for Simmons late last night, but have not found her yet. Waterford police say they are relieved the public helped identify her. Police say the township's police and fire benevolent funds may contribute some money to the 90-year old victim to help her recoup her losses.

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