Pure Michigan 400 Boosts Local Business

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Just outside of Brooklyn, on the way to the Michigan International Speedway, it's hard to find a parking spot at most restaurants.

Business in the area typically doubles on race weekend.

Save Time, a convenient store just up the road from the track, said they probably make an extra hundred grand.

"Our beer sales go up, cigarette sales almost double, groceries, you know, we have to almost double our order. So, we go through a lot of stuff," said Mallory Faling, a Save Time cashier.

Faling added that in one 9 hour shift, she could make over 400 sales on one register.

Employees at a Bob Evans in Jackson mark the date on their calendars every year.

Assistant General Manager Kurt Frost explained, "All the traffic that comes in, we absolutely love it. Every year we prepare for it. Yeah, it does very, very well for us."

That traffic is just a couple thousand of the around eighty to a hundred thousand people that attended Sunday's race.

Fans come from all over the United States and Canada. Many came to town on Tuesday, bringing an estimated $400 million dollars with them.

"It's huge. It's bigger than a Super Bowl. And the beauty about it is, it's on an annual basis. We do this every year, not once every ten or twelve years like a Super Bowl coming to Detroit," said MIS Track President, Roger Curtis.

Curtis said he's looking forward to a similar size crowd at races next season. So, businesses can count on a big boost year after year.