UPDATED INFORMATION: Protesters Pepper Sprayed, Arrested At Capitol

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At least four people were arrested inside the state Capitol, amidst noisy protests against expected Right to Work legislation.

Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk said that protesters tried to rush into secure areas of the Capitol and were also lying down on the floor. At one point pepper spray was used to keep people from rushing the Senate chambers.

News 10 reporter Brian Johnson reports that at one time hundreds of protesters were inside the Capitol. The doors to the Capitol were blocked by troopers for a while Thursday morning, to prevent more protesters from entering.

Later, protesters marched to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce headquarters near the Capitol. The state Chamber has been a vocal supporter of Right to Work legislation. Security officers would not let the protesters on Chamber of Commerce property and told them to remain on the sidewalk.

The protesters circled the building, then listened to union leaders denounce Right to Work. Then they headed back to the Capitol, down Walnut Street with a Lansing police escort.

Governor Snyder and legislative leaders announced that right to work legislation will be introduced Thursday afternoon.

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