Protesting Obamacare in the Cold

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East Lansing (WILX)-- Not everyone is a fan of the president, as shown by a small crowd of protesters who gathered outside the McPhail center Friday afternoon.

As President Obama drove by in his motorcade, more than thirty people from "Americans for Prosperity" were braving the cold to protest. The cold didn't keep them outside for long however, just long enough to get the president's attention.

"We had less than two days notice. A wonderful group of people came from all over the state," said Scott Hagerstrom, spokesperson for AFS.

Protesters didn't have issue with the president's visit to sign the farm bill, they were more interested in voicing their opinions about his health care law.

"We know the president is trying to change the conversation away from Obamacare. The fact is 225 thousand people in Michigan have lost insurance under Obamacare."

They didn't stick around too long to give their message thanks to the below-zero windchills.
Most left after the president entered the building.

"He was supposed to turn down here and didn't, but we know he saw the signs from over there and we know he'll get the message and that's what's important."

Not everyone who stopped to watch the motorcade held signs in protest.
A group of about fifteen MSU students also stopped to welcome the president.

"We were walking home from class and the opportunity just kinda presented itself," said Kenzie Devine, MSU freshman.

"It's very different to meet the leader of the USA and it's very exciting," said Chang Luo, MSU student from China.

It was a quick drive-by, but a moment the students won't forget.

"It was really cool. It was a good experience to see him and he waved to us. It was awesome," said Brittany Burns, MSU freshman.