Protesting Modified Foods at Capitol

Dozens of people rallied at the Capitol Saturday morning, voicing their concerns against genetically modified food and one of the biggest companies that producers them: Monsanto.

The foods are grown from seeds that have been changed to be resistant to insecticides, improve crop yields, and boost nutrition.

But those at Saturday's "March Against Monsanto" event are worried that modified foods will lead to health problems and harm the environment.

Their hope is to get more people studying the issue.

"We want to let people know that there are millions of people across the globe in many countries that are concerned about this, not just us. If this many people are that concerned about it, we hope that we send the message, that people will listen and pay attention and ask questions," said Rachael Hilliker, who opposes Monsanto.

Monsanto has repeatedly said that the modified seeds help farmers to produce more food,, while using less water and energy.

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