Protesters Say $200,000 Fine on Aramark is Not Enough

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LANSING - Several members of the Michigan Corrections Officers Organization and union supporters picketed in downtown Lansing Thursday, calling for the state to end its contract with Aramark. Carrying signs that read "Fire Aramark Now" and "$200,000 is Peanuts," the protesters say a recent $200,000 fine is insignificant compared to the $145 million contract Aramark has to provide food service to Michigan's prison system.

The union supporters say Aramark's contract for what they say is poor service and poor behavior. Maggots were found in and around food at two prison facilities, and some Aramark employees were banned from prisons after having inappropriate contact with inmates.

Aramark says a recent investigation found the company was not responsible for incidences of illness or infestation

The $200,000 fine was announced August 8th by Governor Snyder.
Along with the fine, Snyder has called on Aramark to change how it trains its employees, and he says an independent adviser will be appointed to help the contractor work with the state. The Governor says maintaining Aramark's contract saves the taxpayers $14 million.

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