Protective Gear For Case Workers

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"When you and I went to grade school, you're parents walk in the front door to walk into the principal's office and not have to worry about being buzzed in, or signed in. Now I stop at my kids school and I have to push a buzzer outside," said James Downs, the Owner of Lansing Uniform, a company that sells bulletproof vests.

Times they are a changing. The Ingham County Family Court is purchasing about 10 bulletproof vests for its case workers. Those employees in the most dangerous positions are being fitted for the suits.

"If you're wearing a badge and a gun. You should be wearing body armor," said Downs.

The new vests will cost about $7,000. Many think that's a small price to pay for security, especially if they save a life.

"You never really know when the unexpected or the unknown might happen. What I mean by that, the unknown being the life threatening situation," said Officer Robert Merritt, of the Lansing Police Department.

Officer Robert Merritt says the Lansing Police always use vests. And any agency with workers in potentially dangerous situations-- is making a wise choice by adding that layer of protection.

"It's very important. It's mandated that we wear policy and procedure that we will ware. They are fitted to our officers. Not so much the comfort of it but actually for the protection."

We contacted the folks at the Ingham County Family Court to find out why they are suddenly buying these bulletproof vests, they said that they wouldn't be making a comment about the safety plans of their workers.

The vests will go to case workers who work evenings, weekends, and other more dangerous positions.

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