Proposal 6: International Crossing

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Experts call Proposal 6 a targeted proposal. They say the goal is to prevent the possibility of a new bridge that links Detroit to Windsor, just two miles south of the Ambassador Bridge.

The major opponent of that public crossing and therefore supporter of Proposal 6 is the Moroun family, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that if there's another bridge built within two miles of your bridge, there's going to be heightened competition," said Craig Ruff, senior policy fellow at Public Sector Consultants.

Supporters of Proposal 6 also want voters to have a say and consider the potential long-term cost to taxpayers of maintaining a new international crossing.

However, opponents argue Canada is paying for this, which means constructing the new bridge won't cost Michigan taxpayers.

"Opponents of Proposal 6 would argue Canada is footing the bill, it's a freebie for Michigan and that there's such a need for another crossing," Ruff said.

Under this proposal, the majority of voters in each municipality where a new international crossing will be located must also approve any new construction.

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