Proposal 4: In-Home Care Workers

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There's about 40,000 people in Michigan who deliver in-home care for Medicaid recipients.

"People who will come into their homes, make sure medications are being taken daily, safely, who will take care of basic cleaning," said Craig Ruff, senior policy fellow at Public Sector Consultants.

The state considers them contractors, and not eligible for collective bargaining. Proposal 4 locks into the constitution their right to collectively bargain. It'll also establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council, which includes a registry.

"Champions of Proposal 4 argue that there will be more protections. That registry will involve background checks, police records and so forth," Ruff said.

That is in place now. Opponents of the proposal say the proposal adds no further protections and call it a special interest grab.

"Voters should know Proposal 4 is sponsored by the SEIU, a union of service employees," Ruff said.

However, the backers insist that Proposal 4 is about ensuring quality and also to keep the registry in place.

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