UPDATE: Propane Price Complaints Skyrocket

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In just a week's time, the number of complaints regarding propane prices has skyrocketed.

Last week, we reported the Attorney General's office has received 300 complaints. As of Wednesday, that number stands at 479, according to a spokesperson for Attorney General Bill Schuette.

The AG's office tells News 10 complaints are coming in from all over the state and each one is being reviewed carefully to see if price gouging is going on.

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Snyder extended an emergency order allowing drivers to work longer hours to help deal with the shortage. That extension is good until March 1.

Customers are encouraged to file a complaint with the Attorney General if they think they're paying too much for propane and if possible, provide a receipt or other proof of payment. Click on the link for the website or call the Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-765-8388.

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