Project In 23 Mich. Schools Seeks Healthy Approach to Improving Academics

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DETROIT (AP) -- Michigan education officials are launching a pilot project in 23 high schools that aims to boost academic achievement by incorporating physical, emotional and social health programs.

The effort dubbed "think.respect." is funded through a $24 million federal grant and will be administered by the Michigan Department of Education.

Schools were selected based partly on persistently low achievement.

The program is built on the idea that blending academics with programs that teach and promote healthy lifestyles, anti-bullying techniques and other areas will improve students' overall learning. The three-year grant allows schools to tailor the program to their needs.

The project launches Monday and Tuesday with events in Detroit, Flint and Wyoming near Grand Rapids. It includes schools in and around those cities, as well as in Saginaw and Lansing.

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