Programs Help With Food Cost At Local Markets

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Even though the price of food is on the rise, quality is one thing people should not have to sacrifice. That's now possible thanks to farmer's markets accepting programs that benefit people on food assistance.

It allows them to get some fresh product that will last longer than getting things at the big box stores," said Christine Miller, Meridian Township Farmer's Market Manager.

The Double Up Food Bucks program lets bridge card holders get up to twenty dollars back when they shop at farmers markets with their card.

"The Double Up Food Bucks are good on any Michigan grown fruits and vegetables which then allows them to stretch their food budget farther," Miller said.

While families are getting access to healthier food options, it's also helping out farmers.

"If you look at the market over the whole it's brought in a lot more money that we would have had it we didn't have that all here," said Adam Diemer, who sells produce at the market for Diemer Winter Gardens.

Last year the programs brought the Meridian farmers market nearly $15,000 worth of business, a number Miller expects will grow this year

"We'll probably do even more than that this year just because of word of mouth and more people knowing about the market accepting those types of programs," Miller added.

That's helping keep people healthier and supporting the local economy.

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