Professor in Gay-Marriage Trial Stung By Criticism

The gay marriage issue in Texas is far from over.
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DETROIT (AP) -- A social scientist says he's disappointed that colleagues at the University of Texas are criticizing him while he testifies in a trial about Michigan's gay-marriage ban.

The university's Sociology Department says on its website that Mark Regnerus' opinions don't reflect the views of the department.

Regnerus says the statement is "sad" and "regrettable."

He's testifying Tuesday for the state of Michigan, which is defending a constitutional amendment that recognizes marriage only as
between a man and a woman. Two women are asking a judge to throw out the gay-marriage ban.

Regnerus' 2012 study found young adults had problems years later if their mom or dad had a same-sex relationship when they were kids. He says the best scenario for children is a home led by a married man and woman.

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