Product Aims to Take Pain Out of Shots

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It's no secret kids don't like getting their shots. In fact, many of you Moms and Dads might have even had to hold your child down, so the nurse could give them a shot. Well now, there's a device that promises to take the sting-- and the crying out of shot. It's called the "buzzy." They have this device at the Ingham County Health Department, but they haven't tested it out yet on kids, so we decided to do it. It's flu season, and right now, many parents are taking their kids into a doctor's office or flu clinic for their flu shot. This little device claims to make that experience easier for parents and kids. And it's supposed to be a painless experience. we tried it out for ourselves. An exam room, needles and nurses. Taylan Williams knows he's getting a shot. and like many kids, 10-year old Taylan hates getting shots.

"We use a lot of distractions, you know like we maybe have them, depending on their age we may have them count, some people have them use bubbles, or look at different things on our walls," Wendy Ridenour, Immunization Program Supervisor Ingham County Health.

But those distraction techniques don't always work, especially for older kids who know what's coming. That's where this, the "buzzy," comes in. This small device claims to eliminate pain from shots. The smiling face on the bee-shaped device serves as visual distraction, while the buzzy vibrates and provides a cold sensation with a small, wing-shaped ice pack.

"You think about that sensation instead of the actual shot going into your arm," said Ridenour.

So we decided to test it out with Taylan and see how it worked. his big brother held the Buzzy with ice pack on Taylan's arm while the shot was administered. It didn't work for Taylan. He said the shot still hurt quite a bit. but, the device can also be used on adults, so i decided to test it out. For me, it worked well. The creator of Buzzy told me that it may have worked better on me because adults have different pain diffusers, and I wasn't fearful of the shot. The product is being sold for around forty dollars on, and it's an investment pharmacies and doctors offices across the county are making. For individuals most fearful of shots, it may be worth a buy, too.

The creator says there are other ways to use Buzzy, that may be more effective.