Primary race in dead heat in G.O.P 4th Congressional District

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Attack advertisements are defining the fourth district congressional Republican primary in Mid Michigan.

"My opponent has been attacking me on things that are actually things I've been working on to help Michigan move in a better direction," said candidate and Senator John Moolenaar.

Polls show Moolenaar in a dead heat with his opponent Paul Mitchell with Moolenaar making up more than fifteen points in the last eight days.

"The negative ads are unfortunate," Moolenaar said. "That's something candidates do when they don't have a record to run on."

Both Mitchell and Moolenaar claim the attacks against them are false.

Mitchell said in a statement: Moolenaar may whine about the ads we've been running, but they're 100% true and verifiable. Anyone can look up the facts.

Mitchell had a huge lead on Moolenaar, donating nearly two million dollars to his own campaign and raising four times as much money.

But in the past week, Moolenaar's gained on him.

Both candidates are trying to prove they're the most conservative.

Both say they'll try to repeal Obamacare.

Mitchell says he'll never raise taxes, Moolenaar says he'll devote resources to road funding.

Both candidates are confident they will win, but in the end voters will decide Tuesday who gets the Republican nomination.