Pressure Mounting For Justice Hathaway Resignation

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With word spreading that Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway is being sued by the federal government for bank fraud and money laundering, Michigan republicans are now asking democrats to demand that Justice Hathaway resign.

In a statement, Matt Frendewey, a spokesperson for the republican party said "Hathaway's conduct undermines her judgments and the credibility of our courts."

The release from the republican party says that democrats must demand her resignation "or go down in history as hypocrites that put partisanship first."

Democrats are shooting back.

Bob McCan, a spokesperson for the Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, said "I'm glad the republicans have finally woken up and realized that ethics matter from our elected leaders."

He went on to say that republicans should call on Speaker Bolger to resign "his office should [a] grand jury find sufficient evidence for him to be bound over for trial."

But both democrats and republicans agree on one thing.

"If the allegations against Justice Hathaway are true, she certainly should step down." said McCan a spokesperson for Senator Whitmer, a democrat.

"It is a dreadful development to have any sitting judge accused of fraud and money laundering. Justice Hathaway or her lawyer should clear the air and explain these transactions," said Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert P. Young Jr.

According to the Associated Press Justice Hathaway's lawyer says she will file a claim to keep a Florida home out of the hands of the government. Although her lawyer declined to respond to the allegations of fraud.

Hathaway's lawyer did not return our phone calls and Hathaway's staff said she was unavailable for comment.

The lawsuit against Hathaway accuses her of lying on a "short sale" of a house in Florida that forgave her and her husband of $600,000 in debt.

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