Prepare for Possible Flooding

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It's National Flood Awareness Week. State Emergency Management officials are urging anyone who lives or works near or on a flood plain, to be prepared.

When rivers swell, floods can wreak havoc on a community. This year, a snowy winter the risk for flooding in Michigan is higher. Local governments are already preparing for the worst.

1st Lieutenant Michael Johnson with Michigan State Police says he's in touch with Emergency Managers around the state, keeping an eye on the potential for flooding. "There has been requests by the city of Lansing for 100,000 sand bags and they've also requested some technical assistance from the Army Corps of Engineers."

While cities prepare, State Police want you to prepare too. Johnson says, "The more prepared they are, the less as public safety we have to worry about them and we can focus on the problem."

Emergency Managers recommend people build their own personal disaster preparedness kit. It should include a 3 day supply of food, water, medications, and a plan for your pets. Most importantly, develop a family plan for communication, if flooding washes you out of your home. Johnson said, "Ensuring they have a place to go, they know who to call if their children are at school not to come home whatever they might have to do to ensure that they have all the right numbers to call, to ensure the safety of their families."

Johnson adds, "The one good thing about building these disaster preparedness kits, is it's kind of an all, one sized fits all. It doesn't matter if its a tornado, if it's a power outage, if its a flood, that disaster kit will help them through any of those emergencies so its essential that people do build them."