Possible Changes to Medical Marijuana in Michigan

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Thursday the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony regarding proposed changes to Michigan's medical marijuana law.

The committee is taking up three bills, House bill 4271, sponsored by Representatives Callton, HB 5104 sponsored by Rep. Kowall, and Senate Bill 660 sponsored by Sen. Kahn.

The bills each relate to medical marijuana but are separate and different in nature.

One would create medical marijuana dispensaries with local control.

The second would provide for medibles--allow for edible marijuana products, topical solutions and other non-smoked marijuana products.

The third, if the federal government down graded marijuana from a schedule one drug to a schedule two drug, would provide for "pharmaceutical-grade cannabis" that was guaranteed free of any pesticides, mold or other safety hazards as well as regulate for the amount of HTC in each dosage.

"We had three rooms of people who wanted to speak on this," said the committee chair, Rep. Kevin Cotter, a republican from Mount Pleasant. "It is an issue of great interest, and so we want to allow the opportunity for more people to be heard."

The committee listened to about a dozen people--including medical marijuana patients, family members, medical professionals, and the sponsors of each bill.

Rep. Cotter said he is aware that some negative feedback may exist, although none was provided Thursday morning.

"We'll see if any of that is shared next week," said Rep. Cotter to WILX. "One sector that we haven't heard yet from is law enforcement. I am sure they will have some input, not only on dispensaries, but also on the issue of edibles, so we will wait to hear if that testimony is shared and if it is, we will consider it. If it's not we won't."

Coming up on WILX News Ten at 5 p.m., what positive things people are saying about the bills, and why so many are excited a change could be on the way.

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