Portland Mom Donates Kidney to Daughter

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March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month, and we have a story of a mother's life-saving gift. It's been less than a year since Bridget was diagnosed with kidney disease, and she's already made a full recovery. That's all thanks to her mom, Amy.

A mother-daughter board game duel means even more today for mom Amy Nobach than it did nine months ago. That's when her daughter Bridget began feeling lethargic. A doctors visit led to an unexpected diagnosis- kidney disease.

" They said right away Bridget needs a kidney transplant... so, that's what we did," said Amy Nobach, an organ donor. Thankfully, Amy was a match for her daughter and a successful transplant took place. Bridget even giving the kidney a thoughtful name.

"She named the kidney mom, yes," said Nobach.

But not all patients are as lucky as bridget. There are 2600 people in Michigan alone waiting for kidney transplants-a need that in most cases, could've been prevented with healthy eating and exercise. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure is the second. More than 70 percent of all kidney failure is caused by one of these two reasons. If you're at risk, you're encouraged to get your kidney function checked.

"The earlier that you can become aware of it, the more treatable it is, so the progression can be slowed or stopped with early treatment,"said Julia Herzog, Program Coordinator, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.

Less than a year after the transplant, Bridget now back doing the things she likes "Playing outside... basketball," said Bridget. All thanks to a kidney named "Mom." Bridget has grown six inches since the transplant.