Poll: Proposal One To Be Voted Down

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Proposal one is kind of guilty by association. There hasn't been many ads on prop one but the overwhelming ads on other proposals saying vote no and don't mess with Michigan's constitution, has a lot of people planning to vote no on one.

Our exclusive News 10 Voice of the Voter poll conducted by Epic-MRA shows that 35 percent of voters are in favor of the referendum. While 43 percent oppose it.

"I'm not sure that people, given the sheer volume of ballot proposals are really looking at the difference between a referendum and a constitutional amendment, and so you are getting a lot of drag on the negative message to vote against everything," said Bernie Porn, a pollster at Epic-MRA.

With 18 percent still undecided, there is plenty of room for change. Although Porn says that number might be voter drop off.

"If they don't have the information, if they don't feel comfortable with something they will quite often simply not vote on that. Even if they went to the polls," said Porn.

Bunny Powers already voted through absentee ballot.

"On number one I voted no. I just felt that it puts too much power into the hands of one person when our elected officials," said Bunny Powers of Lansing. "That's why we elected them, is to handle problems like this."

Porn says a majority of voters are uncomfortable with some of the implications of proposal one.

"Replacing or just eliminating local government officials and having that kind of power I think it something that causes voters to have some pause," said Porn.

Dan Salingo also aready voted by using absentee.

"There's too many cities, too many people running cities that don't know what they are doing and they want to keep their power," said Dan Salingo of Lansing. "I think they should be aware that somebody is going to come in and take over if they don't do it correctly."

"Voters are getting confused by the amount of advertising that says just vote no," said Porn.

Some voters just find a cause, a representative or organization they feel akin to and plan to vote the same way.

"I just got this in the mail," said George Kennon of Lansing as he held up a 'how to vote on the proposals' pamphlet with some circled yes and others no. "It's along the lines that I'm thinking as well, so I'm going to go with this person here."

Michigan State University just finished a study on proposal one basically saying, that if passed it could hurt students in the long run. A key finding in the study is that an emergency financial manager with no education background could close schools or change curriculums without input from teachers.

The study says the law focuses solely on finances and has no standards or accountability for how school district changes will affect student performance.

The governor has been outspoken about this slogan 'Yes on one, no on all the rest.' Yet, our polling found that only 51 percent of republican men say they will vote yes on one and 44 percent of republican women.

In the past, Governor Snyder has said he needs this power to keep struggling districts afloat. We made several calls to his office to follow up on this new study, but no one responded to our questions.

Our poll sampled 600 voters across the state and there's a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points.

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