UPDATE: Police Unable to Find Man Who Broke into Holt School

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Ingham County Deputies received a call around 4:15 Friday morning of multiples alarms going off at Holt Jr. High School located on the corner of Aurelius and Sycamore in Holt.

It was a call that had John Hall, the supervisor of facilities for Holt Public Schools, thinking the worst.

"Oh please let there not be damage and please let our doors be locked and just find everything intact," Hall said.

Police who first arrived on the scene said they spotted a white male wearing a white t-shirt running down one of the hallways.

However, as more officers arrived, they were unable to track down the suspect.

"We set up a perimeter and started to do a building search... there's a possibility that they fled as the perimeter was getting set up," said Sgt. Robert Ott with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

Police continued to intensively search the building for a few hours, looking on the roof, in classrooms and even under bleachers.

Police said they found footprints in the dew on the roof of the building which is where they believe the suspect might've been able to gain entrance.

"We did a secondary search and started over again just to make sure that before we turned this building back over to Holt schools that we were 100 percent sure that nobody was here," Ott said.

There was no damage found and nothing was stolen from the school, which was welcome news for Hall.

"When there's no vandalism, there's no dollar amounts that have to be figured out, we always like to walk away from something like that," Hall said. "That's the best way to end something like this.

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