Police Sharing Information

17 were arrested on charges of attending a cockfight or cruelty to non-livestock animals.
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Officials say Michigan police agencies are increasingly compiling and sharing information about suspects and everyday citizens.
The Detroit News reports (http://bit.ly/1k2mFIS ) that as budgets tighten, police are joining consortiums to manage records and reports that, in most cases, are public but time consuming to access.
The state is taking over a mid-Michigan police records sharing system that's used in 10 counties. And officials plan an expansion that is expected to allow many law enforcement officers across the state to view other agencies' reports from their squad cars.
The Americans Civil Liberties Union is among those raising concerns about information sharing, but police officials say the cost-saving networks help catch criminals.
Michigan has about 60 such networks. Oakland County operates one called the Courts Law Enforcement Management Information System, or CLEMIS.

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