Police, Race Directors Upping Safety Measures at Lansing Marathon

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Less than a week out from the Lansing Marathon, it's something Owen Anderson never thought he'd be worrying about.

"You just don't think about a marathon in this way, as being a target of violence," said the marathon's Race Director.

However, after explosions injured dozens at the Boston Marathon, Anderson has the safety of race participants and spectators in his hands.

"This is the reality we have to face, so we are going to make it safe," he said.

As of Monday evening, Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski says her department is planning extra patrols and thorough bomb sweeps and people have nothing to worry about.

"We'll have extra officers working the events," she said. "We need to be extra vigilant and keep our eyes and ears open."

It's all to keep the marathon memorable for the right reasons and Anderson hopes people still come out for what he calls a 'celebration of fitness'.

"To have this kind of event occur is just a terrible, terrible blow."

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