Police Connect Jackson County Shooting With Calhoun County Break-In

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An unusual morning for a man and woman at their quiet farmhouse on Allman Road in Ablion Township when the man went out to his barn around 9:30 to work.

"He was surprised by two male subjects in the barn," said Calhoun County Captain Matt Saxton.

Two men in masks had broken in, and the three began to fight. "He called out for the female half, she came out," threatening the couple with baseball bats, the suspects took the homeowners hostage.

"They were at the time trying to rob the homeowners. That male homeowner was able to break free, obtain a firearm, and shoot at the victims...the suspects."

The suspects then took off in a car they had parked at the end of the road; leaving the homeowners un-harmed. The Calhoun County Sheriff's office immediately started a search, and sent out descriptions of the suspects to other agencies.

About an hour later, the Jackson County Sheriff's office got a call about a shooting in a home in Vandercook Lake, but when they arrived, there was no evidence of a shooting, only two men; one of whom had a gunshot wound to his side and insisting he was shot in a drive-by-shooting.

Deputies thought the men looked familiar. "They happened to be somewhat close to the descriptions," said Sheriff Steve Rand.

Now one of those men is recovering at Allegiance Hospital and the other has been arrested. Both are now in the custody of Calhoun's Sheriff's Department.

"We've established enough to know the public is safe."

Both suspects are from the Albion Township area. Investigators believe the home in Vandercook Lake belongs to one of their friends.

It's close to Townsend Elementary and the High School; both of which were put on lock-down for about an hour as a precaution.

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