Police Believe Stockbridge & Williamston Bank Robberies Connected

This is a surveillance picture released by Meridian Township Police following the May 24 robbery of an Independent Bank in Williamston. Police believe this same man robbed a bank in Stockbridge Friday.
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An update to a story we told you about Friday night on News 10:

On Friday morning a man robbed the Farmer's State Bank, 5101 S. M-106, in Stockbridge at gunpoint.

Police are now saying they believe that same man is responsible for another bank robbery at the Independent Bank in Williamston on May 24.

The 43-year-old man was arrested Friday afternoon along with three other individuals, two females and one male, all believed to be connected to the robbery. One of those females was taken from the scene to the hospital. She has since been released and is in police custody.

The four individuals were stopped by Ingham County police as they were driving north on M-52 away from Stockbridge shortly after the robbery on Friday. Police are still unsure how and when the male suspect met up with the two vehicles after the robbery.

When police attempted to pull the two vehicles over, one of the vehicles with the male suspect inside swerved off the road. The man then jumped out of the car and ran on foot before jumping into a nearby pond.

Police were able to fish the man and what eyewitnesses said was a backpack full of money from the pond.

All four individuals are expected to be arraigned Monday morning.

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