Police & Tow Trucks Busy During Snow Storm

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Decreased visibility and slick roads can lead to some big and small accidents and as a winter storm hit mid-Michigan, state police were keeping a close watch.

“This is already a holiday weekend for us so we’ve already prepared our troopers to be out more visible than usual, put all the cars we have available out on the roads so that we can quickly respond to calls,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Kyle Bowman.

Bad road conditions are undoubtedly a pain for many people, unless you’re in the towing business. Northside Service in Lansing says they see the busiest and also best business days during winter.

“Obviously when the snow flies like Christmas eve we had like 20 police calls in an hour or so. Thank God it was shift change so we were able to handle everybody,” said vice president of Northside Service, Jeff Finley.

Finley’s team spent Wednesday getting ready. They brought in extra staff and double checked the equipment.

Vice President Jeff Finley says during peak seasons, they can have up to 32 tow trucks on the road.

“We’re just awfully blessed to have a lot of people work for us that work really hard and are willing to do it at any time,,” Finley said.

“Well, a lot of times people aren’t prepared for the quick change in road conditions,” said Lt. Bowman.

Lt. Bowman says avoiding trouble on the road is sometimes about remembering the obvious – slow down, increase the distance between cars and pay more attention.

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