Plowing and Towing Companies Ready For Spring

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LANSING (WILX)-- You can get too much of a good thing, even business.

Plowing and towing companies are ready for warmer weather like the rest of us even though they're making profit this winter.

At Elite Towing the phones have been ringing non-stop. There was an overwhelming number of slide-offs Wednesday morning after the latest snowfall.

"I know one of the driver has pulled out 15 by himself in the past four to five hours," said Joshua Herington with Elite Towing.

It's been a profitable winter, and there's still plenty of work to go around. But after hundreds of hours of overtime and another long night ahead of them, towing and plowing companies are ready for the weather to start warming up.

"It's to the point where guys are like okay, I'll do one more," said Herington.

"We'll probably be out 12-13 hours just tonight because we will have to go out multiple times. We're ready for spring, We're ready for change," said Dave Thurston, Owner of Royal Lawn.

This winter has been hard not only on the crews, but on the equipment as well.

"There's always hydraulic hoses or lines that break," said Thurston.

And for weeks private plowing companies have been working with little to no salt.

"It'd be nice to have salt. It's icy under here once the wind hits the pavement."

But no matter how bad they wish spring to come, Thurston says until the snows officially gone the plows will stay out.

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