Plowing Progress For Eaton County Road Commission

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CHARLOTTE (WILX)-- A slight warm-up outside is helping crews in Eaton County make progress on the roads.

The road commission has encountered all sorts of problems since Sunday's snowfall, including its own trucks getting stuck in snow drifts.

"Own own trucks are getting stuck on a regular basis. Plus, there are many stuck vehicles on rual roads. You can only plow down to where the vehicle is and then back out," said Blair Ballou, Engineer Manager at the Eaton County Road Commission.

As of Wednesday night 1/3 of the country roads were still untouched.

"All the primary's were done and 70% of the secondary roads had been opened up, said Ballou. That's what we are focusing on today. That, and widening the roads that only have one lane."

Unplowed and single lane roads were the main reason why Eaton Rapids and Charlotte school districts were closed for the fourth day this week.

"It's just we have a unique condition given the terrain we serve," said William DeFrance, Superintendent for Eaton Rapids School District.

"We had sixteen roads we identified as completely impassable for our busses," said Nancy Hipskind, Superintendent for Charlotte School District.

Looking at those 16 roads Thursday afternoon, with the Charlotte School District, the road commission has made significant progress. Many have been opened up to two lanes.

Hopefully this means it'll be the end to the consecutive snow days.

"To miss this many day's this early, it's of concern," said Hipskind.

"It's been very difficult over the past few days and we appreciate your patience," said Ballou.

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