Phase II of Grand River Ave. Construction Starts Monday

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After two months of construction, the barrels have finally been moved off the street in front of Crunchy's in East Lansing.

"It's nice not to have all of the traffic backups," said Mike Krueger, General Manager.

But while Crunchy's is in the clear, for businesses just down the street, the construction is just getting started.

"Starting next week, we're going to start working that boulevard section between Michigan and Bogue," said Kari Arend, MDOT Spokesperson.

It's the section of Grand River Ave. through the main stretch of Downtown East Lansing. Arend Says crews will start by working on the sidewalk.

"That will continue through the month," she said. "After that, we need to pave it and we'll have a detailed traffic scheme out there to pave that work. That will probably be the most impact, especially with the businesses along the corridor."

Arend says single-lane closures will happen throughout the summer months, the orange MDOT barrels already line the side of the road.
On top of construction, stores and restaurants will also be without student business, but those at The Peanut Barrel say they'll be fine.

"If you got a good group of locals that are coming in that want to eat your food, have your drinks, it will sustain the business no matter what's going on outside," said Eric Skusa, a Manager at The Peanut Barrel.

"It didn't hurt our business too much," said Krueger. "They did a really good job putting it through, keeping the traffic flowing both ways."

In case things do get a little bit slow, the staff at Crunchy's has some advice for those businesses down the street.

"Target those construction workers," said Krueger. "Just pump out that burger smell down there at The Peanut Barrel and they'll be alright."

MDOT will keep the roads open throughout graduation weekend at Michigan State.

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