Petition Demands Gay Marriage Appeal Be Dropped

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LANSING (WILX)-- Is there strength in numbers?

Gay marriage activists delivered a petition with thousands of signatures to the Governor and Attorney General on Tuesday asking them to drop their appeal in the same-sex marriage case.

"Michigan Citizens are done with the Attorney General's fight against progress," said Emily Dievendorf, Executive Director for Michigan Equality.

The petition had more than fourteen thousand signatures.

"We know it's hard to stop fighting. But you can't win everything. And you can't win when you are on the wrong side of history."

Schuette says he's heard the argument from those who support gay marriage, but considers it his job to fight for what the people of Michigan voted for in 2004.

"My job is to defend the constitution. I took an oath and I do that seriously. I don't do that lightly," said Schuette.

But others see his oath differently. East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett explains.

"I took the same oath that the Attorney General took back when I was elected into city council. The first sentence is I do solemnly swear to uphold the U-S constitution. It's very clear to anyone who has paid attention to this case that this ban violates the U-S constitution," said Triplett.

One thing both sides agree on, is that it's likely the court of appeals will extend the stay on gay marriage Wednesday.

If it is extended, and the appeal is approved, it could be a lengthy process. That's why Michigan Equality is also preparing to put gay marriage to a vote again.

"Equality Michigan and our allies intend on continuing to lay the groundwork and lay the foundation for putting marriage equality back on the ballot in 2016," said Dievendorf.

Democratic State Representative Sam Singh has also introduced a bill that could slow down Attorney General Bill Schuette, by denying him the right to use any more taxpayer money to prosecute the case.

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