People in St. Johns Remember Lacey Holsworth

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In Lacey Holsworth’s hometown of St. Johns, people at the local diner remembered a little girl with a lot of spirit. She had a passion for Spartan basketball and star player Adreian Payne. Susan Daskey of Lansing enjoyed watching Holsworth’s friendship with Payne blossom. “I liked to see that Adreian Payne was able to be so sensitive and to almost adopt her, as his really good friend and sister."

Many say Payne and Holsworth’s friendship served as a life lesson for Spartan fans. Holsworth’s smiling face in the stands, gave Payne strength on the court. Berdenia Chorely said, “I thought it was so nice that Payne would take to her like he did and he made her happy. and she acted really good. I thought she was coming along pretty good, til I heard this morning that she had passed."

Word of Lacey’s death came on the social media site Instagram. Her parents posted a picture of her blowing a kiss just minutes after friends say Lacey died peacefully in her sleep. People reacted on various social media sites, tweeting, and facebooking their sorrow.
Dasky said, “I just didn't know she was as sick as that where she would have passed away two weeks later after seeing her in New York at the basketball game."

Lacey’s family wants people to remember how she lived and loved. Their Instagram post says, “She’s achieved the ultimate victory.”
People at the diner in St. Johns agree. Brenda Eberly says, “I think she would want everybody to smile and think of her in a good way."